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Since 1901, Davis has held strong to the belief that ALL K–12 STUDENTS deserve a quality art education. This is why we are committed to providing superior art curriculum, engaging studio lessons, and valuable advocacy and classroom resources. In support of this principle, our mission is simple...

Support educators. Foster excellence in Art Education. Inspire meaningful connections for students. Think Deeply. Evolve. Engage. Advocate and Empower.

Davis Press was founded in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the turn of the century, and its president was Gilbert Gates Davis. He and Fred Daniels, supervisor of drawing for the City of Worcester, wanted to create a periodical that would help art teachers develop and use art curricula. Daniels, along with Henry Turner Bailey, state agent for the Promotion of Industrial Drawing, and James Hall, supervisor of drawing for the City of Springfield, created the Applied Arts Guild. Gilbert Davis agreed to provide the means to publish The Applied Arts Book (now known as SchoolArts Magazine), and the publishing arm of Davis Press was born.

We are relentless in our mission to support the strength and growth of quality art education in all schools. Together with their teams, our leaders are dedicated to helping educators like you inspire students and engage them in learning.

Art educators face increasing demands every year. All Davis materials are designed to provide support to face those diverse and shifting needs. Whether you need a core curriculum or excellent resources from which to choose lessons that will supplement your individual class or district goals, turn to Davis.