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Okapi publications spring from a belief that children are naturally curious and seek to find out more about things that interest them. This sense of discovery gives children a purpose for their reading and research. Okapi Educational Materials provide students with exciting opportunities to discover the world around them while developing their literacy skills. Visit Okapi's website for more information.


Flying Start to Literacy is a comprehensive early literacy program that supports the systematic development of reading strategies and skills in young students. Each set of lessons have paired books that present the same concepts, key content words, and high-frequency words that allow beginning readers to develop a range of different reading strategies

The Toolbox incorporates Strategies for Comprehension and Explorations.


Strategies for Comprehension is a flexible resource that compliments any reading program. It uses high-interest informational texts to explicitly teach six essential reading comprehension strategies: Making Connections, Monitoring and Clarifying, Predicting and Inferring, Questioning, Summarizing, and Visualizing

Explorations is a program that teaches children how to become critical readers, thinkers, talkers and writers of informational texts. Explorations introduces children to the nonfiction text types of Recount, Report, Explanation, Procedure and Argument/Discussion. Each book comes with explicit teacher support that provides built-in questions for observation and assessment. Support for English Language Learners is also included.


New Heights is an audio-assisted reading program. Research shows that repeated reading leads to increased automaticity and fluency. Fluent readers are better prepared to comprehend what they read. New Heights, with its high-interest reading choices and unique audio pen, will make repeated readings meaningful and enjoyable for all students.

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