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Rourke Educational Media publishes engaging non-fiction, fiction, and Spanish content that…

  • Is carefully crafted and curated…

  • Aligned to rigorous national and state curriculum standards (i.e. Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Standards, TEKS)…

  • Engages students “learning to read” and “reading to learn”…

Our expansive offerings include literacy-rich, cross-curricular, print and digital formats and programs with diverse characters, storylines, images, and global perspectives. You can find them in classrooms and libraries where teachers, librarians, and media specialists are sowing seeds of creativity, discovery, biliteracy, and life-long learning!

To help you stay on top of the ever-changing curriculum standards, Rourke developed digital formats of their books, leading technology (including e-Book nonfiction and fiction resources, print, and software), and ELL instructional programs—all with a customized distribution delivery to meet your students’ individual interests and needs.  

Rourke's editorial focus of strong instructional content, such as science, travels the global educational universe. The Rourke Educational Media delivery platforms of e-Book PDF's, Interactive e-Books, and Reading Web reaches our international distribution partners in the Far East, Mexico, South Africa, Mideast and Canada. The current development of strong English Language Learning programs provides teachers throughout the world, rich and powerful educational tools to assist ESOL students.

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