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Stenhouse Publishers started in 1993 with two employees in a one-room attic walk-up in York, Maine. That fall they published six titles. Today, more than a dozen employees work in their offices overlooking Monument Square in the heart of Portland, Maine, editing, marketing and producing a catalog of more than 300 books and videos.

Stenhouse publishes professional development books and videos by teachers and for teachers. Their titles cover a range of content areas -- from literacy and mathematics to science, social studies, the arts, and environmental education -- as well as a variety of topics, including classroom management, assessment, and differentiation.

All of their work is grounded in sound theory and research and informed by their authors' years of experience in the classroom. They don't offer programs, curriculum, or one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, the teachers who write books for Stenhouse and appear in their videos share practical strategies, inspirational ideas, student work and student dialogue, and stories from the classroom -- both successes and failures. Their goal is to provide educators with a set of proven strategies from which they can choose and adapt what will work best for their students and their own environment.

Stenhouse is part of Highlights for Children and a division of their subsidiary Teachers' Publishing Group.