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As a Patterns of Power educator, you've seen firsthand how authentic grammar instruction can impact students' writing skills. To keep your students on the path to grammar and writing success, we'd like to remind you of the other resources authors Jeff Anderson and Whitney La Rocca have developed to support your Patterns of Power classroom.

  1. Patterns of Power Plus offers grade-level-specific lessons and ready-to-use teacher and student materials plus access to the Companion Website.

  2. Student Notebooks (available in 5-packs and 25-packs) are students’ personal grammar style guides and record of their Patterns of Power progress and learning.

  3. Mentor and Anchor Text Libraries provide students with access to the children’s books that Patterns of Power anchor sentences are drawn from—great for celebrating authors’ craft and purpose.

  4. Patterns of Power en español offers bilingual and dual-language teachers Spanish language grammar lessons using the same Patterns of Power invitational process.

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